Alternative iPhone Home Button Fix With Assistive Touch

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This is the second time this has happened to me again. My iPhone home button is becoming unresponsive again. It’s probably one of the most common problems that I’ve heard off from iPhone users. Until we see a touch-sensitive button on future iPhones, this problem will continue to plague users after repeated usage. So what do you do in between the moments before getting it fixed. There is a hidden feature called Assistive Touch in iOS 5 meant for people with disabilities but it can also be a temporary workaround before you sent it for repairs. Here’s how you switch it on:-


Turn on AssistiveTouch from Settings

First go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility where you’ll see an “AssistiveTouch” option. It should be off by default, so just tap it to switch it ON.



Transparent button appears on bottom right

So after you’ve switch it on, you should be able to see a transparent round button at the bottom right of the screen which will be there throughout even if you are playing a game, surfing with Safari or using an app.



Activate virtual Home button

So now that you see the transparent button, you can tap it anytime to bring out a four virtual button choice where you can use the Home button just like the real button. Double tap also works to bring out the fast app switcher to move between apps and close programs.



or you can also see how to change it from this video:-

3 Replies to “Alternative iPhone Home Button Fix With Assistive Touch”

  1. Thanks for the hint! I thought there was honey in my iPhone 4 or something (I bought it used), because I did not know that this is a common problem. 🙂

  2. Hi

    I would really like to know how to stop apps running in the background now that I no longer have my home button 🙁
    Please can anyone help with this?

    Many thanks Christine

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