MiPow Power Tube 3000: Hands-On Review

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For the weekend travellers like me, I always want something portable that will give me enough battery juice for my iPhone to last the 2-3 full days without carrying an AC adapter. That is where MiPow Power Tube 3000 fits the bill. So does this portable external battery charger live up to its specs?. Check out the full review after the cut.




The MiPow Power Tube 3000 is a 3000mAh capacity battery which will give you plenty of extra battery power when you need it. It’s a solid aluminum alloy case body with a top that flips off to reveal a 30 pin Apple connector and a USB connector. The USB connector lets you recharge itself with a USB powered equipment like a laptop or PC. It’s a really compact charger where it looks like a bigger and thicker USB thumbdrive. At the top, there’s a button to check how much battery juice is left from a LED indicator of various colors.

70% – 100% : Blue indicator
40% – 70% : Green indicator
15% – 40% : Orange indicator
0% – 10% : Red indicator

Out of the box, you get a micro USB cable, a black pouch and also a USB recharging extension cable. The micro USB cable lets you charge other mobile devices as well like Blackberry, Motorola, HTC and others if you decide to get another phone. Check out the unboxing video of the Power Tube 3000:-

Here are some of the hardware specs:-

  1. Output: 5V 1A
  2. Input: 5V 1A
  3. Cycle life: 500times
  4. DC Charging Time: 3 – 4hours
  5. Battery: Li-polymer battery
  6. Capacity: 3000mAh
  7. Operating Temperature: -10 – +45℃
  8. Dimension: 93.5 (L) × 30.4(W) × 21.4(H)mm





The MiPow Power Tube 3000 claims to be able to charge an iPhone 4 1.5 times of its battery. I did not have an iPhone 4 at the time of testing and I tested it with an iPhone 3GS instead which has a 1219 mAh battery. It was able to charge the iPhone 3GS twice from 10% to 100% and still have plenty of juice left where the indicator shows green which is between 40% – 70% left. I have a feeling it can charge an iPhone 3GS 3 times from 10% and the manufacturer claim of 1.5 times for the iPhone 4 is very much believable. The time needed to charge from 10% to 100% took around 3 hours and there was no overheating of the iPhone.

Updated: I’ve tested this till the end of the battery and was able to get 2.2 times in total for my iPhone 3GS from 10% left.





The MiPow Power Tube 3000 is a handy and portable device for people on the go. I would recommend it as something that portable manages to charge my iPhone 3GS around 2 times its battery life is pretty good. The other good thing is that you don’t need any extra cords to bring with you. Just charge it via USB and and charge your iPhone with no extra wires needed. Saves space and minus the hassle. The MiPow Power Tube 3000 comes in 10 different colors for $49 and is available on the MiPow online store. MiPow is also “Made for iPod” & “Made for iPhone” certified.

8 Replies to “MiPow Power Tube 3000: Hands-On Review”

  1. i have such a device- power tube 3000 but somehow i dont experience what you mentioned in your entry. i could only charge my iphone 3gs once from 20% to full and although the battery indicator was green after the charge, when i proceed with the second charge the next day it only charged my phone till 34% from 20% before dying. is this suppose to be the performance level or is there something wrong with my device? pls help!

  2. Hi ym,

    I think it depends on how you were charging the 3GS. When I was charging it, I turned off all background apps including WIFI or 3G as that would drain the battery faster. Also I did not touch the phone when it was charging, just the occasional home button to see the battery percentage level.

  3. Nope. It can only charge through the USB port. But one thing you can try though is to plug in the USB connector straight to those iPhone wall adapter which comes with a USB cable. I’m not sure if it’ll spoil it but it’s something to try.

  4. When I was charging my Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the powertube 3000 was very hot. Is this normal? Also, what is the normal standby hours for the tube before the power is drained?

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