Best News Feed Apps For Your iPad

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Browsing the web for all your favorite news can be seen like an usual daily chore but what if you can see all the latest news of your interest from one location. News apps are the latest boom where it’s no longer simple RSS readers but sophisticated and creative user interface to bring a magazine feel on your device. Here are some of the best news feed apps for your iPad.


1. Pulse News for iPad

Pulse News is a traditional news aggregator with some smart clean design. It’s perfect for users who wants to see their favorite news in a beautifully laid out interface. Lets you create multiple pages tab with 12 sources per page of left-to-right scrolling news. Its offline sync makes it great for reading even when you don’t have internet connection.


Cost: Free
Category: News
Size: 5.2 MB



FLUD lets you link to anything with an RSS feed and the amount of content you can have is excellent. It looks a lot like Pulse but FLUD takes it a step further. FLUD lets you watch the videos right in the articles. FLUD has clearly defined categories at the top of their application which makes it very intuitive and easy to use.


Cost: Free
Category: News
Size: 7.4 MB


3. Flipboard

The poster boy from Apple themselves, Flipboard is the app to beat. As the name suggests, the interface is all about flipping through pages with page-turning animation just like a real magazine. You can get social news from your Twitter and Facebook or select from Flipboard’s large range of sources.


Cost: Free
Category: News
Size: 5.3 MB


4. Zite Personalized Magazine

Zite gives a personalised experience by looking at your Twitter, Delicious and Google Reader accounts. Zite crawls over 500,000 news sources on the web and display latest news to users in magazine-like format. It refreshes itself every 30 minutes or so. Where it chooses to pull the stories is out of your hands but Zite continuously learn from your clicking habits and tries to bring the most personalised and relevant news to you.


Cost: Free
Category: News
Size: 1.2 MB

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