Learn To Lead A Team With These iPhone Apps

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If you’re aspiring to be a leader and want to manage your team more effectively, why not get some tips right from your pocket. Here are some iPhone apps to let you get ahead in the workplace and learn the art of team leading.


app 1: How to Effectively Build Teams and Make Them Work

This is actually a book that was ported to the iPhone. Not exactly the best looking app around with bland pages after pages but it does offer some good tips on teambuilding and management that you can read up on the go.


Cost: $0.99
Category: Business
App size: 0.3 MB


app 2: Management Quotes

This app is full of inspirational quotes on how to effectively manage a team of people. You’ll have a daily quote in which you can click on it to read more detailed information about the lesson for the day. You can even save the quote to your favorites and you can also save your own notes.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Lifestyle
App size: 1.7 MB


app 3: PLI Blog

PLI is an acronym for Personal Leadership Insight where it compiles together posts from the very popular Personal Leadership Insight and Authenticity Rules blog. It covers a wide variety of topics on how best to lead and inspire a team. Great aid for anyone  looking for leadership advice.


Cost: Free
Category: Reference
App size: 1.5 MB


app 4: Teamwork: Ways To Lead Teams

This app is like a teaching system where it takes you through the ins and outs of learning how to lead a team from a theoretical point of view. Ideal for a manager with ongoing responsibilities, or someone who has been selected to lead a short-term project. It also allows you to take notes and set a checklists of reminders.


Cost: $3.99
Category: Business
App size: 4.0 MB


app 5: Team Motivation 30 Ways

As the title suggests, this is a very simple app offering leaders on 30 ways to keep your team motivated. Just flip through the pages to get some insightful tips and best of all, it’s free.


Cost: Free
Category: Business
App size: 0.6 MB

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