MiPow Juice Cover For iPad 2: Hands-On Review

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The iPad 2 comes with pretty impressive battery life of 10 hours but sometimes there’s always that wish that it could go longer than that. So MiPow came out with the Juice Cover for iPad 2 which is a shell case with a built-in battery. Let’s take a deeper look at this slim case.



The MiPow Juice Cover for iPad 2 is a 6000 mAh battery case which is one of the slimmest around without adding too much bulk to your iPad 2. It only adds 0.4cm more thickness to the iPad. Out of the box, it’s a sturdy plastic case that does add a bit of weight to the iPad minus the bulkiness. You also get a USB to Micro USB charging and data cable and an instructions manual. The review unit that I got is a nice glossy pink but I have a feeling that it may be prone to scratches. The Juice Cover is designed to work nicely with the Smart Cover if you have one. That’s why the color choices available for it matches with the Smart Cover. Check out the unboxing video below:-



At the bottom of the Juice Cover is the battery level indicators with 4 blue LEDs to let you know when the battery juice runs off. When I first plugged it in with the iPad 2, it automatically starts charging. If you want to switch it off, you need to hold the on/off button for 3-5 seconds.


To fit in the iPad 2, just slide it in to the connector and it’ll snap in place. There’s a micro USB port at the bottom for charging the battery with the included cable. There’s a cutout for the volume and side switch as well as the speaker at the back so that sound can pass through. The left side is exposed to allow space for the Smart Cover. The top part isn’t covered that well where the power button and earphone jack is. Here are the hardware specs:-

  1. Capacity: 6000mAh / 3.7V
  2. Input Voltage / Current: 5V / 2.1A
  3. Output Voltage / Current: 5V / 2.1A
  4. DC Charging Time: 6 – 8 hours
  5. Cell Type: Lithium-Polymer Battery
  6. Operating Temperature: -10 – +45℃
  7. Dimension: 250(L) x 187(W) x 12.8(H) mm





The MiPow Juice Cover claims to be able to give an additional 65% battery charge to the iPad 2. So did it live up to its claim? I’ve tested it with a WiFi only iPad 2; no background apps running and with WiFi switched off to get the maximum possible charge. The charge took about 3.5 hours before the battery dried off and I manage to charge from 10% to 67% which is an additional 57% battery power and is a little less than what is claimed.



The MiPow Juice Cover is suitable for those who already has a Smart Cover and wants an additional case to protect the sides and back without adding too much bulk. At the same time, it comes with an additional built-in battery. While it did not live up to the battery’s expectation, the slimness probably made up for it. Afterall it can still provide more than 5 hours of additional power to the iPad 2 in a compact case. The Juice Cover comes in 5 colors:- White, Light Blue, Pink, Black and Green. It retails for $99 and can be purchased at their online store.

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