Cookies For Christmas: Cookie Recipes App For iPhone

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cookies-for-christmas-badgeIt’s that time of the year again where presents are exchanged and cookies to be devoured. CulinartMedia has released yet another recipe app for the iPhone just in time for Christmas. Let’s take a deeper look what’s to be offered on plate.


The Recipes

I’ve counted 48 recipes offered where it’s split into 4 different categories:- Contemporary, Quick & Easy, International and Traditional. This 196MB app gives you good quality photos for each recipe. For each recipe, there’s the ingredients listed as well as the directions to bake the cookie. There’s also a Know-How section where there’s a more detailed step-by-step photo tutorial for some of the recipes and you get 2 video tutorials as well. It shows the different cut outs you can do and how to shape the dough correctly before putting it in the oven.



Other Features

Apart from the recipes, there’s also a shopping button which lets you add the ingredients for each recipe that you’re planning to bake to your shopping list. What’s nice is when you hit the main shopping tab at the bottom, it’ll show the shopping list and you can cross them out by just tapping on the item when you have it in your actual cart. What’s even better is that you can view the ingredients you need sorted by shopping aisle which is handy if you have multiple recipes that you want to shop for. You can also add recipes that you like to your favorite list for easy reference later on from the home page. You can add your custom note to each recipe and also share the recipe on Facebook or email.



The Layout

A rather simple looking app which is quite straightforward. On the homepage, you choose the recipes based on categories or alphabetically A-Z. The main sections can be accessed from the bottom bar where you have Recipes, Shopping and Know-How. When you go into the directions to bake, it can be rotated to landscape for easier reading. You can also view the cookie recipe from the shopping list section which makes it easier to go back and see what you’re buying for again.




I’m a cookie lover and after looking through the delicious photos and clear cut instructions, it does make sense to finally get an oven. Definitely an app to get if you’re into Christmas cookies.


Cost: $1.99
Category: Books
App size: 196 MB
Supported: iPhone

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