Pocket Penguins: Watch Live Penguins On Your iPhone

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Pocket-Penguins-badgeSo if you’re really bored and you can’t sleep at night, then what do you do? Why not download Pocket Penguins for your iPhone and watch live streaming from the California Academy of Sciences where you get to see real cute penguins going on with their lives.

You get to see them swim, dive, flirt, nest and relax which will definitely leave a smile on your face. It’s like watching Big Brother except it’s these little birds. You can also tune in daily at 10:30am and 3:00pm PST where you get to hear Academy biologists answer questions from the visitors during feeding time.

This is a free app and if you want to support the Academy you can make a donation of $5 via SMS. WiFi is needed to view the live penguins and you’ll be hooked!


Cost: Free
Category: Education
App size: 30.4 MB
Supported: iPhone

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