Paper Toss 2.0: Updated Paper Tossing Game for iOS

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paper-toss-iphone-ipad-badgeAre you in the office feeling frustrated about coming out with a great new idea on paper only to toss it to the bin minutes later? Why not save the trees and do it with Paper Toss 2.0. Yes, the original hit app developed by Backflip Studios is back with a new update. I did not try the original version, so I can’t really compare it. So how is this game? Read on to find out.


The Gameplay

So it’s a simple aim and throw kind of game except you have to take into consideration the fan wind direction as well as how strong is the wind blowing ranging from 0 – 5.0. From the main menu, you can choose 3 different places/scenario to do your paper tossing business. You can choose the Cubicle, Intern or Warehouse. There’s also a easy, medium and hard selection which is just the same place except the bin is further away. All of the game modes don’t seem to have a clear objective except collecting as much Paper Points by tossing objects into the bin or just to irritate the hell out of your colleagues. Yes, you’ll hear them curse and swear just like in the real office. There are some extra points you can gain by throwing objects into a cup if you’re in Cubicle mode. There could also be extra bonus or hidden basket that can only be unlocked with other throwing objects.


The Other Stuff

You might think this is a paper tossing game since it’s called Paper Toss right? Wrong, there’s a ton of stuff that you can buy with your Paper Points like tomato, crashed can, football, burning ball and even a grenade. I would really want to save up for that item and see what happens. Apparently there’s a hidden basket in the warehouse which will only show itself by using the grenade to blow up some boxes on the shelves.

There’s also other power-ups that you can purchase such as a bigger basket, off switch for the fan, rewind and multiplier boost.



A really fun game if you like physics throwing games. Good for saving the trees and killing 5 minutes of your time daily. Best of all it’s free!


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 18.7 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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