Yeti Town – Town Building Puzzle Game for the iOS

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Here’s another free game that works for both the iPhone and the iPad called Yeti Town. Released by 6waves Lolapps that just acquired a Beijing-based social gaming company, Yeti Town hit top of the charts in the App Store. Yeti Town is a town building puzzle game set in Winter that requires you to match 3 items together as well as a strategy to build your town. Check out the review after the jump.



The Gameplay

The objective is simple, just build your town until there’s no more space or moves left and you start again. This is sort of a “match three” kind of game where you need to combine at least 3 of the same items together but even if you have 5 or more, it will still combine and form the same upgraded item. So what can you build? Combine 3 Saplings and you get 1 Tree. Cobine 3 Trees and you make 1 Tent. Combine 3 Tents and you get a House. While that may sound simple enough, there’s annoying Yetis that comes in your way by moving around each round and you can trap them where they can’t move anymore and it’ll turn into an Ice Cube. Combine 3 Ice Cubes or Yetis and you get an igloo.

You will find that you need artful planning by thinking 2-3 steps ahead as the position of your last item in the combination will form the upgraded item on the map. Controls are simple, just place the item on the map with 1 tap and confirm the placement with a 2nd tap. There’s also hints on what it can form at the bottom of the screen.



The Shop and Items

You will find that you’re trapped sometimes with not much space to play around but not to worry, you can visit the Shop to get some items you need. You do earn money in the game, but as with most other free games you can purchase more coins with real money. Snowflake is a useful wild that completes any match. Campfire can be used to remove items on the map or turn the Yetis to ice cubes. There’s other common items like Add 200 Moves, Sapling, Tree and Tent which you can purchase as well.



Yeti Town is a fun and addictive game that mixes both planning and puzzle solving skills. Not exactly a unique concept as it resembles a game called Triple Town which is available on Facebook, Google+ and Kindle. Nevertheless it’s a nice addition to have for the iOS platform. Here’s a video of the gameplay on the iPhone:-

Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 17.4 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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