How To Recalibrate Your iPad and iPhone Home Button If It’s Not Working

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I posted recently on an alternative fix for the iPhone home button if it’s getting less responsive like needing a really hard press to get it to respond. That was using Assistive Touch which is a feature found on iOS 5 and can save you some presses and prolong the lifespan of the button but now apparently you can fix the problem by just recalibrating it.

To be honest, I’m a bit skeptical about this. This is like fixing a hardware issue by recalibrating through software. I wonder if the Home button is actually pressure sensitive and this recalibration is just making it more sensitive. Previously, I had to fork out RM200 which is around USD$64 from where I’m from to replace the tiny home flex button. Anyway the fix is originally by iDownloadBlog, and here are the 3 simple steps:-

Step 1) Open a stock iOS app such as Weather, Stocks or Clock.

Step 2) Press and hold your iPhone’s power button till ‘slide to power off’ screen shows up.

Step 3) Press and hold your Home button until iOS force quits the stock app you have open.

This apparently works for some people and the fix can be applied to the iPad and iPod touch as well. My home button is perfectly fine now and I don’t intend to try it till it’s dying again. Does this fix help you? Here’s a video tutorial of it:-

[via: CultOfMac]

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  1. You rock 🙂 I activated the Assistive Touch last night because my iPhone 4’s home button went kaput… and I wasn’t looking forward to adjusting to the new on screen button! THANK YOU for posting this!

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