Tesla Wars Christmas: Defend the Tree and your Gifts

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Christmas has just ended but not the holidays! Anyway, here’s one Christmas themed game for the iPhone and iPad called Tesla Wars Christmas which is a tower defense like game where the only difference is that you need to defend the Christmas tree and the gifts from invading stick men.



Defend! Defend! Defend!

So the objective is pretty simple, just make sure no one gets near the Christmas tree especially the ones with the chainsaw and no one steals your gift. The tree or rather tower has a health bar which you can check on but the moment the gift gets shifted out of the screen, it’s game over. You’ll find when you first play the game, you’re pretty gung-ho with zapping those stick men but the energy is actually limited. So zap sparingly! The energy does regenerate and you can upgrade it to make it faster.



The Upgrades and Specials

Just like any tower defense game, you’ll have choices of upgrades for the tower. For the upgrades, you can increase the total amount of energy, increase regenerative speed of energy, increase total amount of health, increase power of lightning, upgrade to double lightning and increase lightning reflections quantity.

Apart from that, as the game gets harder you’ll definitely need to purchase the Specials to help you defend against the horde of invaders. There’s Storm, Shocker, Mines, Airstrike, Freeze, Death Ray, Toxic and Earthquake which you can level up for more damage. I was wondering how to activate the Specials which was not that obvious at first but you actually need to press the pause button at the top right and then select the Special attack.



A very fun and addictive game that gets more challenging as you go. Graphics are simple but pleasant. The kids will love the hilarious Christmas theme and a rocking Jingle Bells soundtrack. Tesla Wars Christmas is currently free for the holiday period.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 27.2 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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