Action Movie FX: Shoot Movies With Explosive Effects

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Have you ever wanted to direct a blockbuster action movie except you are limited on budget? Fret not, you can now shoot movies with this iPhone app called Action Movie FX that gives you some pretty cool special effects. The people who developed the app are the same people behind some hit movies Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol, Super 8 and Star Trek.



The Effect Packs!

This free version of the app gives you 2 Movie FX packs for you to play with. First is a Missile Attack pack that lets you blow an object to nothing and second one is a Car Smash effect which drops a car from nowhere. Both effects are inspired by Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol. There’s more effects that you can purchase and the last I checked there’s a few 2 pack bundle available for $0.99 each.



3, 2, 1, Action!

Adding the effect is pretty simple. Just select the effect that you want and you’ll be brought to the video recording part where you can shoot a movie. There’s a target to let you know where the effect is going to be. You need to record the movie for at least 5 seconds long as the effect itself is around 5 seconds long. After that just adjust the FX timing by moving the slider left and right.

After you are done you can share the movie on your Facebook, email or just save it to your camera roll.




Definitely an interesting app to see. Though a bit limited in effects and what you can do, the effect itself is pretty darn good and realistic. Here’s a video of me shooting a missile at my Ikea bed:-

Cost: Free
Category: Entertainment
App size: 15.1 MB
Supported: iPhone

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