Turtle Isles: Puzzle Game for the iPhone

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Here’s another cute looking game for the iPhone from Big Fish Games called Turtle Isles. It’s mating season for the sea turtles and your objective is to help the turtles find their mate and collect their eggs. There will be starfish on the beach sands to help direct the turtles to their mates. So just tap the starfish to the desired direction and the turtles will follow the path when they come to shore. You can tap on the turtles to stop them for a while as you think of your strategy.

It won’t be that simple though, there’s also crabs running around to over turn your poor turtles. As the game gets harder, you’ll also want to avoid the green turtles heading the same direction as the red turtles to avoid crashes. Just collect as many eggs and you’ll progress to the next level. There’s up to 70 levels of turtle egg collection. Simple and fun game to try out set in a nice scenery amidst palm trees and sea waves.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 19.2 MB
Supported: iPhone

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