Push Panic! – Block Color Matching Game for the iOS

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Get ready for some heart stopping action with this game called Push Panic! available for the iPhone and iPad. Push Panic has been around for some time but this is a re-release free version that is more polished. For those who have not played it, this is a color matching game where you have fast falling blocks in different colors and sizes.  The objective is to clear as many blocks as you can before it piles up above the green bar which will turn red. Alertness is required as you find the most blocks in the same color falling down at any given time. Just tap on the colored block of your choice which will be locked and keeps you from tapping other colored blocks but you can still change your mind by tapping on the first block to unlock it. You would want to tap as many blocks of the same color to get more combo points. Tap the selected colored block again and all selected blocks will be cleared.

There’s 4 different game modes which you can choose from:- Classic Game, Score Panic, Color Panic and Time Panic. In Time Panic, you have to score as many points as you can in 180 seconds. Score Panic requires you to get the highest score possible with some crazy falling blocks while Color Panic does not allow you to have more than 8 blocks of the same color on screen. If you are in Classic Game, there will be many special blocks that you can use to get even more combo and points like the chain block, slowdown block, 2x-4x multiplier block, bomb block and more.

Push Panic is currently free for a limited time and is an awesome color matching game for the iOS with great graphics and action. Check it out.


Cost: Free
Category: Games
App size: 18.5 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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