LomoKino: Create Stop Motion Movies With Your Smartphone

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Ever wish you could make simpler and silent movies like Charlie Chaplin from the early cinema days? Now you can create the similar stop motion effect with the LomoKino package which can mount your iPhone or maybe even your Android device to this movie taking accessory and start shooting 35mm like films. A product of Lomography, this lightweight and compact accessory comprises of the LomoKino Smartphone Holder and LomoKinoscope. To record, just attach your smartphone and the LomoKinoScope to the Smart Phone Viewer. After that, start the movie recording function on your smartphone and turn the LomoKinoScope hand-crank. Voila! Your movie will be recorded with the Lomo effect. If you want it in black and white, you can probably just shoot the movie first and then do the post-processing from your computer. If you’re interested, this cool LomoKino bundle is available for purchase from their website for US$126.46.


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