Figaro Wig: The Bouncing Hairpiece Game For iPhone

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Here’s one weird game from Physicz Games called Figaro Wig. It’s a physics platformer game for the iPhone where the main character is a wig. The wig called the Wig, is trying to escape from the evil Figaro aka “The Barber” who actually created the runaway hairpiece.

To obtain complete freedom, Wig needs to go through 30 levels of various obstacles before facing his creator in the final battle. Figaro Wig uses some kind of slingshot movement to jump, bounce and roll Wig to collect all hair dye before you can complete the level. There’s also big magnets that the Wig can stick to and to reach higher places. There’s a whole bunch of barbershop traps to avoid like Fashion-Mobiles, Hairdryers, Scissor-Copters, and more. Touch any of the traps and you’ll have to restart the level again.

The game also has a 3 star rating for each level and the stars can be used to unlock 15 costumes like the Fashionist-Zombie or Robot Eyes. There’s also Game Center and Facebook integration.

Figaro Wig is a humorous and unique platformer that is extremely challenging with great graphics and soundtrack.



Cost: $0.99
Category: Games
App size: 94.2 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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