Soulo – Turn Your iPad Into A Karaoke Device

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Feeling a bit embarrassed to be singing in public or if you want a cool gadget to impress in a party? Here comes Soulo a karaoke kit for the iPad that lets you sing in the comfort of your home or take it anywhere to impress your friends. So for this to work, you need to purchase either a wired or wireless Mic from Soulo and just download the free karaoke app from the App Store called Soulo Karaoke.

The microphone and app can be used on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch but you’ll probably want more real estate to read the lyrics better. The wireless mic comes with a receiver that lets you plug it into the iPad dock and syncs with the microphone. As for the audio output, you can use the stereo jack to connect it to either your headphones or a speaker system. You can even output the video to the TV via the wireless receiver.

The Soulo Karaoke app is a pretty cool app that gives you around 10 free songs  to start with. You can download more songs via the app for $0.99 each with new songs being added regularly. There’s even iTunes integration where you can access songs in your iTunes library and use the vocal suppression feature to mute the vocals of your favorite songs. Apart from that, there’s real-time pitch enhancement to keep your voice sounding like pro and also voice effects like Reverb, Tone, and Echo.

The Soulo wired Mic sells for $69.99 and the Soulo Digital Wireless Mic costs $99.99. If you’re interested, you can purchase it from their online store.

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