AppTag: Laser Blaster Gun For iPhone & Android

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There’s plenty of shooting games around for the iPhone and Android but it’ll be cooler if you could play the games with a toy gun instead. All this could be a reality thanks to a Kickstarter project called the AppTag. The AppTag Laser Blaster is a toy gun that lets you play first person shooter games with your smartphones. The gun lets you clamp your iPhone, iPod touch and Android devices to it where it will run the Augmented Reality apps designed for it. For the targeting, it uses infrared beam and sensor that is safe for use. The AppTag communicates with the iPhone and Android via high frequency sound. That means it does not require WiFi or Bluetooth setup.

The gun itself comes wtih 6 buttons:-

1. A pressure sensitive trigger switch that can mount on any blaster trigger or the included pistol grip.
2. A large reload button.
3. 4 buttons that allow app developers to expand on gameplay, such as walky talky, change weapons, sniper zoom, pickup weapons, medkits, change menu etc.

If you feel that the original AppTag gun is a bit too small and puny for your liking, it can be attached to other toy guns with an accessory rail. It comes with rubberised trigger with wire and several small adhesive clips that you can attach to other guns. The AppTag will ship with an AppTag unit, pistol grip, trigger and wire, and a free app.

If you’re interested in the AppTag, then head on to the Kickstarter page and pledge your support before March 16 2012. If this project goes through, app developers can take shooting games to a whole new level with this gun. Can’t wait for this to come out.

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