iPhone: Run For Your Life With Zombies, Run

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The zombie theme seems to be coming back and I’ve just finished watching the finale of The Walking Dead season 2. If you’re like me itching for more zombie action while waiting for season 3 then why not get into the zombie world with this iPhone app called Zombies, Run. It’s a pretty unique app that started off from a Kickstarter project and it actually requires you to evade zombies by running physically. The whole purpose of the app is to get people outdoors and running with a bit of fun elements to keep you motivated.

The app plays like an adventure game and lets you know about your mission through your headphones. You start off as an unlucky fella who got thrown into a zombie infested area and is required to collect supplies for a base of surviving humans. When you’re running, you get to collect supplies like  medicine, batteries, ammo, as well as uncovering the mystery on how earth turned to the living hell of the undead. You have the choice of listening to your favorite music while on your mission and you’ll know if a zombie is nearby requiring you to run faster. Once you’re done with your mission, you’ll be shown your running stats like calories burned, distance, time, pace, etc.

If you’re running outdoors, it uses the GPS and if you’re indoors, it uses the accelerometer to track you on the treadmill. Price is a bit steep but definitely worth it if it keeps you healthy in a fun way.

Check out the video review below by TheFalloutShow:-


Price: $7.99
Category: Health & Fitness
App size: 222 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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