Guy Throws iPad 2 Out Of Window

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You must be wondering if this guy is mad for throwing his iPad 2 out of his 2 storey apartment not once but twice. He’s actually just testing the latest iPad case called the OtterBox Defender Series which is a new product that fits the new iPad and iPad 2. See him throw it out of his window once that landed on the grass and the 2nd throw that landed on concrete. Seems like it came out unscathed though I was a bit worried for the concrete throw.

The case comes with built-in screen protector and comes with 3 layers of protection. The outer layer is a durable silicone that absorbs bumps and shock. The cover offers both protection and can be used as a stand for both landscape and portrait mode. If you’re a hiking and outdoor person who wants to carry your iPad around then this is a rugged case worth considering. The OtterBox Defender Series is available at Amazon for $89.95. Check out the video:-

[via: OtterBox]

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