Paper by FiftyThree – Drawing App For iPad

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There’s a lot of buzz with this latest sketch and draw app called Paper by FiftyThree. When you first launch it, you’ll be greeted with some nice looking set of books that you can flip through quickly. The first book called Making Paper has some nice default drawings. When you start on an empty page, the interface is pretty simple and you see some drawing tools and your usual color palette.

The app itself is free but it only allows you to use the draw mode(ink pen), the eraser and the color palette. There’s 4 other drawing modes which needs to be purchased if you feel like it which is the sketch, outline, write and color mode. Each sold at $1.99 which can be quite pricey when you add it all up.

Drawing on it though seems like quite a pleasant experience. The lines are smooth and fluid and depending on how you sketch with your stylus or finger, the line thickness varies. I figured it’s detecting by velocity. The slower you draw, the thinner the line and the faster your draw the thicker the line. My drawing skills suck but this app makes it look pretty good. It’s also great for quickly scribbling and taking notes. There’s also and undo function by turning 2 of your fingers which I find rather cumbersome. Closing the book and page is not so obvious at first which requires some pinching gesture.

Though pricey if you want the extra tools but the free draw pen is enough for some simple sketches and writing down notes. Check out the video review by nixkuroi:-

Cost: Free ($1.99 for each new brush)
Category: Productivity
App size: 27.5 MB
Supported: iPad

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