Shutter Grip For Your iPhone

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The iPhone 4S comes with a better camera but it can be a bit tricky to tap on the snap button or to use the volume control to take that favorite moment. It’s even harder if you need to toggle between video recording and camera mode. Here’s one accessory for the iPhone and iPod that will make your iPhone feel like a SLR camera. Called the iPhone Shutter Grip, it snaps on to your iPhone and connects to the 30-pin connector.

The shutter grip gives you better hold of the iPhone to prevent blurry images as you snap away. Not only does it come with the normal shutter button that we’re all used to but it also comes with a red button for quick access to video recording. The iPhone Shutter Grip can also be attached to a tripod for those self portraits. The grip works with the iPhone 3GS, 4, 4S and iPod touch.

There’s one problem though, you can’t take pictures with just any app with the shutter grip. You’ll need to download and use the free Belkin LiveAction app from the App Store. It currently retails for USD$40 and can be bought at photojojo.

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