Day Maker – Toast Your iPhone

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How about some freshly toasted iPhone when you wake up in the morning? Introducing the Day Maker, a toaster inspired recharging dock and also functions as an alarm clock. This cool gadget can house 2 iPhone 4/4S with a self setting clock. To use it, you set the alarm on your iPhone and then push it down the unit which will also charge the phone. When the alarm rings, it will pop out but if you’re not ready to wake up yet just shove it back in and it’ll go to snooze mode. You can even play music from your iTunes using the Day Maker’s speaker.

Currently listed on Kickstarter with a targeted $275,000 funding goal. Early birds can get one of the Day Maker for $100 if funding is successful by June 23rd 2012. If it goes through, expect delivery to be around February 2013 as they are interested in making it iPhone 5 compliant as well. Waking up couldn’t be any tastier.

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