Retro 8-Bit Bumper & Sleeve For Your iOS Device

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Here’s some really cool looking retro styled accessories for your iPhone and iPad if you’re bored with the same typical stuff everyone is having. Big Big Pixel has come out with an 8-Bit Bumper case that will fit the iPhone 4 / 4S and also the 8-Bit Sleeve for the iPad. The 8-bit bumper is made from rubber silicon that has an anti friction coating so that you can slide it in and out of your pocket with ease.

The 8-bit sleeve on the other hand, is going to be an attention grabber. It looks like a huge email icon from far. This big 8-bit envelope is made from premium synthetic leather with matte finishing and soft fibre interior to give your iPad ample protection. The 8-bit bumper is selling for $24.95 while the sleeve is going for $30.95 which includes worldwide shipping. Are you ready to impress your friends?


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