iBGStar – Measure Sugar Level With Your iPhone

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If you’re a diabetic or just someone who wants to keep their sugar level in check, then this new device called the iBGStar would be something that would appeal to you. It’s a ultra portable FDC-approved device that lets you connect to your iPhone via the 30-pin connector. You will then need to download iBGStar Diabetes Manager app which is free from the App Store where it takes blood sugar readings from the test strips that is inserted into the device. The app will sync the data automatically but you can also manually add your own blood glucose reading, your carbs, and insulin doses to your scorecard. After that, you can view a graph plotting your glucose readings and also check statistics like your average glucose results for a period of 7, 14, 30 or 90 days or a customized date range.

The iBGStar device is available for $74.99 and can be purchased from Diabetic Care Services & Pharmacy and also Walgreens. Test strips are sold separately where you can get 100 test strips for $20 but needs enrollment with Star Savings program or just get 50 strips for $64.99.

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