Chameleon: Adaptive Home Screen For Your Android Tablet

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I have always wished that I could customize widgets and apps to show on my iPad’s home screen but it’s pretty restricted as we all know. Android tablet users would be happy to know there’s a cool new app called Chameleon for Honeycomb tablet users. Chameleon lets you customize multiple Home Screens that fits your needs by either time of the day or where you are. So let’s say if you wake up in the morning, you can instantly have a Home Screen that shows you your RSS  news, weather or a breakfast recipe. Then when you’re in the office during the afternoon, it will then show you your appointments, emails and world time. Later at night, you could then have it to show your favorite Netflix movies, Facebook feeds and other entertainment news.

This is a Kickstarter project that’s looking for funding to launch this cool app. If you’re interested, then head on to the Kickstarter page where $5 will give you early bird access to the app before it goes into Google Play Store. It’s currently only supported on Android Honeycomb 3.2 or newer.

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