Download ORC: Vengeance For iPhone & iPad

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Orc: Vengeance is the newest action RPG released by Chillingo where you get to experience console gaming experience on the iOS. The graphics are just beautiful with this isometric dungeon crawler where you play Rok, one of the few remaining orcs alive and must fight for his escape and defeat the Dark One. You engage enemies by just simply touching them but as more enemies gather, you’ll need to use more advanced attack moves by using other gestures like double-taps, circles, and zigzag lines. You can customize your character and equip him with a wide arsenal of weapons that you either purchase or pick-up like two-handed battle axes, swords, war-hammers, etc. With a great soundtrack, excellent graphics and controls, Orc: Vengeance is a definite app to get. This is a universal app that works on both the iPhone and iPad. Check out the trailer below:-

Price: $2.99
Category: Games
App size: 482 MB
Supported: iPhone & iPad

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