Download Plight of the Zombie For iPhone, iPad & Android

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Being a zombie ain’t easy. They have to look for brains to eat when they are hungry and run away from the many dangerous humans that are after them. Plight of the Zombie is what that’s all about which is different from the rest of the zombie games out there. There’s 30 levels of puzzles where you need to move the adorable corpses by drawing a path for them to follow. Tapping on them will stop them for a couple of seconds. You need to plan your strategy to avoid the bad humans and snag as many brains as you can. It can be quite a challenge when you have to delegate a couple of zombies. Must say it’s pretty unique and a great looking path-drawing puzzle game.

Plight of the Zombie is currently available on Android(free) and iOS($2.99). Check out the app trailer below:-

Download Plight of the Zombie for Android

Download Plight of the Zombie for iPhone, iPad & iPod touch

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